The Robert Wan Pearl Museum is dedicated to one jewel – the pearl. It offers a worldly discovery of the pearl’s history from the very beginning.

The Robert Wan pearl Museum is a pearl farming encyclopaedia, from its early beginnings to today’s pearl production industry. What is a pearl? Where are the pearls found? How are they cultivated? What does today’s pearl farm look like?

The pearl is the universal messenger of immortality, accompanying the deceased to their graves as early as prehistoric times. In America during the pre-Colombian civilizations, in China, Africa, Egypt and India, princes and lords were buried in their coffins, pearls decorating their clothes or placed inside their mouths. Throughout the times, the pearl was the universal symbol of fertility and life cycles, a divine presence and the path of the soul or spirit on the way to perfection;

The pearl was a symbol of wealth, power and nobility. It symbolized royal glory.


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